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Shengzhou Eagle Necktie and Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in Shengzhou, Shaoxin City, Zhejiang Province, China, founded in 2000. We produce many kinds of neckties, necktie fabric, scarves, bow ties, waist coats, waist bands, and others. We produce 2,000,000pcs of neckties every year. Our products are beautiful and cheap. We export our products all over the world.Our neckties include woven silk neckties, woven polyester neckties, printed silk neckties, printed polyester neckties, wool neckties, woman's neckties, boys' neckties, convenient neckties, and others. The other clothing accessories are divided into three grades: high, middle, and low.You are welcome to search our website. "Eagle" looks forward to cooperate with various friends worldwide.
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